Pre-heating Methods

Benefit from cost reductions!

Already during the planning phase of a district heating system an efficient routing of the pipe line and a detailed planning of the pre-stressing process can reduce costs, for instance costs for u-bends (including joints, welding seems and x-raying), for civil work (excavation, sheet piling) and less street closings.

Mechanical pre-stressings shall be included in the thermal pre-heating process without additional costs.

Adapt your pre-stressing to the individual demands of your construction site and not the other way round.

We were confronted with several country specific regulations all over the world. From that we developed several pre-stressing methods.

For instance within big cities it is possible to lay cold sections (road crossings or entrances) and integrate them later into the pre-heating section.

Pre-stressing with open trench lengths of a minimum of two pipe pieces is also no problem.

Among others the following pre-heating methods are available:

  • open trench
  • step-back method
  • manhole technique
  • continuous pre-heating