Proven very worthwile for decades

Since 1985 HESKY has worked in the field of district heating.

We have pre-stressed pipes of all well-known pipe manufacturers like ABB, Isoplus GmbH, KWH-Pipe, Lögstör Rör, Urecon, Pan-Isovit.

The pre-heatings took place in several European countries like Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands,  Norway, Romania, Serbia, Sweden and Turkey.
Since 2001 we have a partner in South Korea and since 2006 in China. The first pre-heatings in Canada took place in 2008.

Working for famous customers

ResiTherm is working for energy industry and local power plant operators in large cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Milano, Torino and for well-known pipe laying companies.

Our customers are among others:

  • EON
  • Evonik
  • NUON
  • RWE
  • Vattenfall

We are pre-stressing around 100 km district heating pipe lines per year. Nearly every day our Chinese partner pre-stresses pipes of DN 1.200 and a trench length of 1.300 m.

Our ResiTherm-Systems is adapted continuously to the actual technical demands and tested according to the standards of EN DIN ISO 9001prior to each job on site.